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Installer Options
The following command line options are supported by the Setup Factory installer:

Language (/L)
The /L option forces the installer to use the messages associated with a specific language ID, instead of using the messages that correspond with the user's system locale settings. This allows you to test your installer in multiple languages without having to change your system language and reboot.

(More info: By default, the setup executable detects the language being used on the user's system, and uses the messages that were loaded from the corresponding language file at design time. If there were no messages defined for the user's language, the messages from the default language file are used. You can add different language files to your installer by using the Languages tab of the General Design dialog.)

The syntax for the /L option is:


Replace # with the language ID for the language you want Setup Factory to "detect." The installer will configure itself as though that language was the current system language.

setup.exe /L:17
(forces the installer to "detect" Japanese as the system language)

Silent Mode (/S)
You can force the installer to run in silent mode by using the /S option. In silent mode, no screens, errors, or any other parts of the interface will be shown. This includes any messages displayed using the Show Message Box and Yes/No Message Box actions.

setup.exe /S

The built-in variable %SilentMode% is set to TRUE when the installer is running in silent mode.

Temp Path (/T)
Every setup executable requires some temporary space on the user's hard drive during the installation process. By default, Setup Factory uses the user's TEMP directory for extracting temporary files and other miscellaneous operations. You can force the setup executable to use an alternate directory by using the /T command line option.

The syntax for the /T option is:


Replace "path" with the path to the folder you want the setup executable to use for its temporary files. (Be sure to put quotes around the entire argument if the path includes any spaces.) If the folder doesn't already exist on the user's system, it will be created automatically.

C:\Downloads\setup.exe "/T:C:\My Temp Dir"
(forces the installer to use "C:\My Temp Dir" for temporary files)

Wait for Return (/W)
Use the /W option to have the Setup Factory launcher wait for the setup executable to return before exiting. This is useful if you're running the installer from another process and you want that process to wait for Setup Factory to finish before proceeding.


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